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Image by Tomoe Steineck

1:1 Breakthrough Program

Everything that we do in the here and now is dictated by emotions, beliefs, and values that we hold.  Human beings cannot see beyond our own beliefs.  Many although beliefs and emotions are conscious, it does not mean that we have control over them, or the ability to change them at will.  You may have a belief such as, every time I take two losses, I end up getting frustrated and making more errors. 


The result is that your behaviours reflect this.  The beliefs and emotions that seem to ‘control’ you are simply programmed that can be updated and reprogrammed.  This is one key to consistent profitability.  In this program, we will get to the root cause of everything that is holding you back and build your trading personality the way you want it to be for consistent profitability.     

What's Included !

Detialed History

A deep dive into understanding what it is in your past that has been holding you back so we can get right in to help you make a rapid change.  

Emotional Relesaes

Negative emotions such as anger, feer, greed, disappointment and frustration are all part of why you may not be able to find consistency.  This is were we clear some of the biggest blocks holding you back.



What you believe you will achieve.  The limiting beliefs you hold also dictate your behavior.  Now that we are aware of any destructive patterns its time to eradicate them and rebuild your identity by design.

Goal Sewting

There is a big difference between goal setting and goal getting.  This is the process where we bring all of the work together.  Now that you have let go of everything that use hold you back its time to program your unconscious with the programs of continual success for the future.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Philipp Wüthrich

Javi, 6 months trading, 

As a new trader, you don't really know what to expect when you decide to
take on the objective of really learning how to trade. Everyone you talk to
will say that it is one of the hardest things to do and that it is 80%
psychology and 20% skill as reiterated by author Mark Douglas, who if
you do take on trading, you will more than likely become familiar with. It is
not until you dive into the charts and start a demo account (very highly
advised as opposed to jumping straight into a live account) do you then
understand the reality of the mental war that will take place in your mind
in the seemingly simple task of hitting buy" or "sell". I am roughly 6
months in, and am only now understanding that I can learn every skill
there iS, but if I do not conquer my own mind, it is essentially meaningless.
Luckily, through good fortune and God, I was able to find the IPDA:
mentorship group with Chris, which equally important then lead me to
Matthew Tweedie. I haven't started one on ones with Chris yet, but the
group chat content has been incredible! I have started sessions with
to Matthew to tackle the psychology aspect of trading which has helped me
arow exponentially in just a couple weeks! My biggest problem was that I
knew my mental challenges but I did not know how to overcome them.
Challenges such as revenge trading, fear of missing out, and not sticking
to my trading plan were at the forefront of my mind. However, when it
came to that point I would continue to disregard what I told myself not to
do and overtrade. Matthew helped me understand that I needed to stop
avoiding the problems and instead to face them head on. After our
discussions, rather than feeling anxious, fearful, or aggressive about
trading I feel calm, relaxed, and decisive. I have : lot to learn but I have
felt myself trading less, taking smarter trades, and most importantly
tracking my emotions and trades which really helps to keep myself
accountable. I am not profitable yet, as I am still fairly new and understand
that this lifestyle is truly about patience. However, I know that with
Matthew's help, and the IPDA X mentorship, I am certainly on the path to
consistent profitability.
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