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Harness the Power of your mind and emotional state for Consistent Profitability

From beginner to pro, we help traders get to the root cause of what it is within their psychology that prevents them from consistent success. By reprogramming patterns of behaviour and crossed wires of the mind you can unlock your full potential.

IPDAX Psyche: Your Partner in Navigating the Journey to the psychology of being consistently profitable


Build a Strong


Master the Basics

It is vital that all traders have a proper understanding of the inner working of their unconscious mind. Our first aim is to provide each client with the foundational internal insights and empowerment education. This understanding or how your internal filters and programs of the mind are fundamental in facilitating a rapid change to your trading psychology. They serve as a foundation toward the knowledge of self that a trader needs to become consistently profitable. We teach traders how to overcome unwanted destructive patterns of behaviour and develop the mental strategies of growth and success.


Maximize Your Potential  With



Leverage the opportunity to enlist some of the most powerful neurologic transformation tools on the planet. Most of what we do is complex yet simple to do from a client's perspective. Everything that we do involves understanding your unconscious mind and how to get it working for you rather than against you. We help you unveil deep personal insights that once seen cannot ever be unseen.


Leverage the Power of


Trading Systems

A step by step psychological framework is a predictable and repeatable way to help clients overcome blocks to success and consistent mental and emotional performance. It is a system of building awareness of what blocks you from achieving your best results and then eradicating those blocks by reprogramming your mind, your identity by design. As you follow the steps of the process, you can leave behind all the parts of your personality and behaviours that are destructive while enhancing the best parts of you to realise your potential.


Be apart of an


community of traders

We believe in the power of Master Minding and our Community of Traders is for experienced traders who are looking to take their trading to the next level. Our community is filled with genuine traders who share their knowledge and insights, and help each other become more successful. Our Elite Community offers exclusive trading tools, market analysis and insights, and educational resources to help traders stay ahead of the curve. Join today and become part of an exclusive group of traders who are passionate about trading and dedicated to success.



Overwhelmingly Positive Community Reviews

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Take the next step towards becoming a consistently profitable trader with IPDAXPSYCHE today


Single Session


Single Session
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Are feeling stuck with a particular thought process or pattern of behaviour?  Perhaps you are noticing  a pattern that keep repeating that you would like to re-program or remove form to facilitate trading success.  The single session package might be the option for you. 




Breakthrough Program

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Our present actions are influenced by our emotions, beliefs, and values, and we are limited by our own beliefs. Despite being aware of our emotions and beliefs, we may not have control over them. Our behaviors reflect our beliefs, but we can update and reprogram them for consistent profitability. The program aims to identify and address the root cause of limitations and help build a trading personality for consistent profitability.


Year Access


12 Month Access

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Looking for a full overhaul of everything that holds you back and be guided every step of the way for 12 months, this is the program for you.

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