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The new IPDA X monthly mentorship has provided a way to make meaningful forex education affordable and accessible to all traders. This program teaches the same exact curriculum that each of our 1:1 clients have used to become consistent enough to receive world class funding from some of the most notable prop firms in the industry. Join IPDA X today and change your paradigm forever.


What is incorporated in this Monthly Mentorship?

Our high level program is aimed at providing traders with highly advanced price action concepts and understandings that wont be found anywhere else.


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Program Dynamic: What Makes Us Special

  • Daily Modeling and Price action insights

  • Weekly Outlook

  • Midweek Commentary

  • End of week Commentary

  • Additonal group studies with master level coaches who have mastered the model 

  • Two Psychology workshops per month

  • Lifetime Partnership

Month 1

Study of High Probability Pricing Sequence

  • Mental Frameworks

  • Anatomy of a dealing Range 

  • Market Efficiency Paradigm

  • Balanced Price Range Theory

  • Understanding Market Fractals

  • Using Imbalance and institutional order flow as real algorithmic market structure

  • Advanced insights to Institutional Order flow

  • Liquidity cycle

  • Delivery

  • Neutralization

  • Re-Engineering 

  • Effectiveness of graded price swings

Month 3

Entry Model Implementation

  • True order block theory

  • OB Validation

  • Propulsion

  • What is order pairing

  • Study of Fair Valuation

  • The negated imbalance

  • Confirmed Institutional Orderflow

Month 2

Systematic Approach to Building Bias

  • Market Maker Buy/Sell Programs

  • Framing the Draw of Liquidity (Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

  • Weekly range expansion

  • Opening prices

  • Daily & Weekly Profiles

  • Identifying High and Low probability trading conditions

  • Systematic approaches to Killzones and framing daily intent.

Month 4

Deeper Elements of Time

  • Basic Study of ICT Killzone's

  • Time Fractals (90m Cycles)

  • Time Distortion

  • Unseen voids

  • Macros

Our outcomes are self-explanatory

With the IPDAX monthly membership, traders gain access to a thriving community of like-minded individuals, enabling them to connect, share insights and grow together. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced trader, IPDAX caters to all levels, providing you with the tools and resources you need to achieve success. Join the IPDAX community today and elevate your trading experience to new heights.

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